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Chiropractic and Athletic Performance

Through his years in practice, Dr. Luper has treated players for the New York Yankees, the New York Giants, the New York Jets and the New York Knicks. He has treated professional boxers, USGA golfers, Thoroughbred jockeys, professional wrestlers and roller derby skaters. He works closely with serious runners, exercise and cross-fit enthusiasts as well as high school and college athletes in countless sports including lacrosse, track and field, swimming, football, basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, soccer and baseball.

Dr. Luper recognizes the important role fitness plays in our well-being and he is dedicated to maintaining his own health through exercise. He works with local fitness instructors and yoga and Pilates studios to transition patients to active care and long-term improvement. Or he can help you transition to exercise routines that you can do on your own.

No matter what your goals are, proper chiropractic care will improve performance, optimize recovery and speed progress. Whether you are a world-class athlete, a weekend warrior or simply wish to perform at your optimum level, give our office a call.