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Reviews for Peak Performance Chiropractic

  • Great first visit, looking forward to the follow-ups!

    - Joshua T.
  • Thanks for your time and effort! Looking forward to being a regular client.

    - Cody B.
  • I really enjoyed my visit.

    - Marie M.
  • The staff was extremely friendly and the doctor explained everything clearly and took his time.

    - Jamie A.
  • Great Staff!

    - Mustufa P.
  • Provided a clearer explanation of what was going on than the urgent care center!

    - Mary J.
  • Definitely worth the visit. Felt very comfortable!

    - Michael H.
  • Dr. Luper, is fantastic and really listens and knows what he is doing!

    - Yves A.
  • I can’t imagine a better experience. I was in and out in a timely manner.

    - Kurt W.
  • Great group of doctors!!

    - Katherine M.
  • I loved the atmosphere of the office. After my first visit I already feel better.

    - Olivia D.
  • After my first visit I found myself walking better, which was the reason for my visit.

    - Kathleen C.
  • Very first chiropractic visit ever and came away feeling renewed.

    - Carol D.
  • Looking forward to my next appointment!

    - Laura M.
  • Great experience. Felt amazing after I left.

    - Valerie R.
  • The doctor was fabulous. I had an emergency and he saw me on short notice and worked wonders. I could not be happier.

    - Salvatore F.
  • Very clean and modern office & organized process

    - Joy R.
  • Dr was very nice, polite and staff is friendly. He adjusted me and had me feeling better than when I walked in. The office is very modern and clean.

    - Jose R.
  • He was very nice, listened to me and he is very helpful. I feel better now.

    - Marilyn B.
  • Had an amazing first visit with Dr. Harrod!

    - Frederick H.
  • I have been in pain since 8/29 when I slept on a soft bed in an Airbnb. I left feeling much better and even hours later I feel great!

    - John C.
  • I don’t normally like to be the unscheduled walk in with pain needing attention. But doctor Eric made me feel at home and I left in much better shape than when I arrived.

    - Robert L.
  • I had never gone to a chiropractor before, and I was kind of nervous to let someone work on my neck, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results from my first visit, and continuous sessions have really helped my recovery.

    - Dominique B.
  • Clean atmosphere and great energy in the office.

    - Michael M.
  • Incredible bedside manner, explanation skills, guidance and skill set as a practitioner. So thrilled that my husband found Dr. Luper – we are both feeling great and recommending him to all of our friends!

    - Tatum W.
  • You all are great and very nice to talk with

    - Kurt L.
  • Wonderful office staff! Very friendly and accommodating!

    - Erin L.
  • Very personable, took the time to explain after care and preventive care options.

    - Kris L.
  • I look forward to my coming sessions in the hope to get continued relief and learn strategies to daily my movement.

    - Keosha E.
  • Super friendly, almost familial atmosphere. It was great.

    - David H.
  • Very grateful for the suggestions and the help. Everyone was very helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thank you.

    - Eugenia S.
  • Thank you!!! I am looking forward to a healthy and strong summer!

    - Mathew M.
  • So happy to find a place I feel I can trust!

    - Maureen N.
  • Looking forward to my next appointment.

    - Susan R.
  • I was pleased with the ease and comfort of my first visit. The staff and doctors were welcoming and professional. My neck discomfort was greatly reduced and I’m looking forward to my next encounter with this practice.

    - Anne Beth C.
  • Beautiful people that work here!

    - Brandon W.
  • Great practice. Tucked away on Broadway. Very happy to have been referred.

    - Stephanie B.
  • Great visit! Came into the office in discomfort, left feeling great!

    - Domini Y.
  • I feel good thank you.

    - Thomas K.
  • Everyone was very friendly and welcoming made my first visit stress free I absolutely love it there, glad I was referred cannot wait to go back!!

    - Melissa K.
  • Dr. Luper it’s a superior chiropractor. I was with someone for 25 years who kept me sick and in 4 visits I’m better! Looking forward to the future with No pain!

    - Phyllis C.
  • Dr. Luper and the entire staff were very welcoming and friendly. Everyone is easy to talk to and very helpful. They make you feel comfortable!

    - Tyler M.
  •  Appreciate Dr. Harod for his support and concern about my injuries .

    - Kevin R.
  • Dr. Luper and the staff are always wonderful!*

    - David M.
  • Very informative and listened to our concerns!

    - Ryan J.
  • Felt very welcomed and that I would receive great results. Look forward to future visits and getting fixed up.

    - Jeremy B.
  • Very happy with my experience after only two visits so far. Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I’m actually looking forward to my next visits.

    - Kathleen V.
  • After my first treatment with Dr. Luper, I left there feeling much better and confident that I would continue to feel better as the visits continue. The staff is professional, courteous and helpful.

    - Eugenia S.
  • Dr. Luper is hands down the best Chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Top notch skills and a great guy.

    - Eric W.
  • Couldn’t be more grateful how fast I got in as a new patient. I felt like the Dr actually cared about helping me cause I was in so much pain.

    - Jennifer E.
  • Thank you for taking me as a walk-in. My friend Joe (a patient of yours) said that I could take the chance being he knew that you were open until 6pm. I was seen within 10 minutes and adjusted.

    - Ellen W.
  • I feel great!

    - William N.
  • I believe I am in good care with Dr Luper and his associates. My first visit alleviated fears and gave me hope.

    - Maribeth P.
  • The doctors were very professional cordial and listened to my concerns and helped me understand the treatment needed.

    - Jorge Z.
  • Excellent first appointment! Very optimistic and informative.

    - Adam M.
  • The Best….!!!!!!!!

    - Garry W.
  • Doctor was very informative

    - Scott P.
  • I’ve seen chiropractors all over the country and I would rate Dr. Luper within my top ten chiropractors.

    - Daniel V.
  • I look forward to having such a great Practitioner as Dr. Luper “in my back pocket” for general wellness maintenance & if necessary for an acute issue. Thank you!

    - Deborah S.


My first visit was fantastic! I literally felt 100% better after leaving! I will continue to come to Dr. Luper for chiropractic treatment!
Jessica D.

Listened To My Needs

Dr. Luper has many years of experience and takes the time to listen to your needs and provides a plan to help you through to the road to recovery. I am pleased with the services he provides even when I needed to see him urgently he was there. I know I have a way to go but I am hopeful with his assistance and knowledge I will be back to normal soon. Definitely give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Renee I.

Friendly Attitude

Thank you for the friendly attitude of everyone in your office and the professional, highly competent treatment. I was happily surprised to find that I experienced a marked reduction in my long standing upper back pain, as well as increased mobility after my very first visit.
Victor R.

So Happy

So happy I found Dr. Luper! I just moved into the area and loved my chiropractor of 15 years. I anticipate having the same great experience I did with my previous chiropractor.
-Wendi G.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with the time Dr.Luper took to explain my problem and how I could be helped with this treatment. I was very comfortable with the office atmosphere and my surroundings.
-Sandra C.

Improved Health

Dr. Lupers years of experience, and his common sense treatment approach assists me to very quickly orient myself to a path of improved health and understanding. He is my single most valuable health care pro.
-David S.

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