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Exercise at Peak Performance Chiropractic

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The Importance of Exercise

If you took high school physics, you’ll remember any two bodies exert a force on each other. It’s called gravity. The larger the mass, the greater the force. And the earth is huge. Scientists don’t completely understand gravity, but we do know it’s a reality in our universe. You can’t escape it.

As we move on in years (or suffer health setbacks) our bodies tend to get weaker. That means our ability to resist the forces the earth puts on us goes down. Eventually, this results in difficulty with simple tasks such as climbing stairs, raking leaves, or even lifting a laundry basket. That is… unless you take steps to prevent this.

Dr. Luper named his practice Peak Performance Chiropractic because it is his goal to help patients to get strong and stay strong. Walking the dog twice a day or having an active job is nice, but it does not replace concerted, focused exercise. Weight lifting, interval training, yoga and pilates are great options for many patients.

Chiropractic care is an essential part of this equation. Not only can Dr. Luper help you strategize an exercise routine that is best for you, but getting adjusted regularly keeps your joints loose, your nerves free, and your body working at its Peak Performance Chiropractic. Chiropractic adjustments paired with regular exercise multiply the benefits.

Photographs courtesy of Nichole Cardarelli of HIIT It With Britt.

Get Started Today

Dr. Luper recognized this early on and has embraced this philosophy himself. And he can help you. If you’re not getting stronger, you’re getting weaker. Set up an appointment with us to devise a plan for you.

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