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person holding a heart shape in the airPeak Performance Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Albany Patients Say

At Peak Performance Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • I feel great!
    -William N.
  • Very first chiropractic visit ever and came away feeling renewed.
    -Carol D.
  • I loved the atmosphere of the office. After my first visit I already feel better.
    -Olivia D.
  • I believe I am in good care with Dr Luper and his associates. My first visit alleviated fears and gave me hope.
    -Maribeth P.
  • Doctor was very informative
    -Scott P.
  • Incredible bedside manner, explanation skills, guidance and skill set as a practitioner. So thrilled that my husband found Dr. Luper – we are both feeling great and recommending him to all of our friends!
    -Tatum W.
  • Excellent first appointment! Very optimistic and informative.
    -Adam M.
  • The evaluation and treatment were very thorough.
    -Dennis O.
  • I was pleased with the ease and comfort of my first visit. The staff and doctors were welcoming and professional. My neck discomfort was greatly reduced and I’m looking forward to my next encounter with this practice.
    -Anne Beth C.
  • Thank you for taking me as a walk-in. My friend Joe (a patient of yours) said that I could take the chance being he knew that you were open until 6pm. I was seen within 10 minutes and adjusted.
    -Ellen W.
  • I look forward to my coming sessions in the hope to get continued relief and learn strategies to daily my movement.
    -Keosha E.
  • The Best….!!!!!!!!
    -Garry W.
  • Very clean and modern office & organized process
    -Joy R.
  • Beautiful people that work here!
    -Brandon W.
  • I can’t imagine a better experience. I was in and out in a timely manner.
    -Kurt W.
  • Nice, friendly atmosphere, Very welcoming!
    -Jacqueline K.
  •  Appreciate Dr. Harod for his support and concern about my injuries .
    -Kevin R.
  • I have been in pain since 8/29 when I slept on a soft bed in an Airbnb. I left feeling much better and even hours later I feel great!
    -John C.
  • Very happy with my first visit. Dr. Jarrod was friendly, informative and helpful. Felt very comfortable with the experience. After the first treatment, I immediately felt a difference. My trouble area seemed to be better. Plan to continue my treatment and confident of total recovery.
    -Thomas L.
  • Looking forward to my next appointment.
    -Susan R.
  • Provided a clearer explanation of what was going on than the urgent care center!
    -Mary J.
  • Great first visit, looking forward to the follow-ups!
    -Joshua T.
  • Great experience. Felt amazing after I left.
    -Valerie R.
  • Very Good Man. Common Sense, good listener, good everything.
    -Ted H.
  • Super friendly, almost familial atmosphere. It was great.
    -David H.
  • So happy to find a place I feel I can trust!
    -Maureen N.
  • Dr. Luper and the entire staff were very welcoming and friendly. Everyone is easy to talk to and very helpful. They make you feel comfortable!
    -Tyler M.
  • Couldn’t be more grateful how fast I got in as a new patient. I felt like the Dr actually cared about helping me cause I was in so much pain.
    -Jennifer E.
  • Had an amazing first visit with Dr. Harrod!
    -Frederick H.
  • I don’t normally like to be the unscheduled walk in with pain needing attention. But doctor Eric made me feel at home and I left in much better shape than when I arrived.
    -Robert L.
  • Everyone was very friendly and welcoming made my first visit stress free I absolutely love it there, glad I was referred cannot wait to go back!!
    -Melissa K.
  • Felt very welcomed and that I would receive great results. Look forward to future visits and getting fixed up.
    -Jeremy B.
  • Very happy with my experience after only two visits so far. Everyone is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I’m actually looking forward to my next visits.
    -Kathleen V.
  • After my first visit I found myself walking better, which was the reason for my visit.
    -Kathleen C.
  • I really enjoyed my visit.
    -Marie M.
  • Clean atmosphere and great energy in the office.
    -Michael M.
  • I’ve seen chiropractors all over the country and I would rate Dr. Luper within my top ten chiropractors.
    -Daniel V.
  • You all are great and very nice to talk with
    -Kurt L.
  • Thanks for your time and effort! Looking forward to being a regular client.
    -Cody B.
  • Very informative and listened to our concerns!
    -Ryan J.
  • The staff was extremely friendly and the doctor explained everything clearly and took his time.
    -Jamie A.
  • Looking forward to my next appointment!
    -Laura M.
  • Great group of doctors!!
    -Katherine M.
  • I feel good thank you.
    -Thomas K.
  • Great Staff!
    -Mustufa P.
  • Great practice. Tucked away on Broadway. Very happy to have been referred.
    -Stephanie B.
  • This was a great first visit!
    -Christine S.
  • He was very nice, listened to me and he is very helpful. I feel better now.
    -Marilyn B.
  • Thank you!!! I am looking forward to a healthy and strong summer!
    -Mathew M.
  • I look forward to having such a great Practitioner as Dr. Luper “in my back pocket” for general wellness maintenance & if necessary for an acute issue. Thank you!
    -Deborah S.
  • I had never gone to a chiropractor before, and I was kind of nervous to let someone work on my neck, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results from my first visit, and continuous sessions have really helped my recovery.
    -Dominique B.
  • The doctor was fabulous. I had an emergency and he saw me on short notice and worked wonders. I could not be happier.
    -Salvatore F.
  • Dr. Luper and the staff are always wonderful!*
    -David M.
  • The doctors were very professional cordial and listened to my concerns and helped me understand the treatment needed.
    -Jorge Z.
  • Great visit! Came into the office in discomfort, left feeling great!
    -Domini Y.
  • Dr. Luper, is fantastic and really listens and knows what he is doing!
    -Yves A.
  • Definitely worth the visit. Felt very comfortable!
    -Michael H.

The Best Chiropractor

I have relocated a lot because of my job, and it’s always a chore finding a new, decent chiropractor. I’ve also had chiropractors as marketing clients in the past (although not currently) — which means that I understand the business side of things more than most — so it takes a lot to pass my “sniff test.”

I saw two other practitioners in the Albany area for chronic pain, before settling here. So I can confidently say that if you’re looking for the best chiropractor in the Albany area, go to Peak Performance Chiropractic.

Read more from Keila »

The staff is friendly and accommodating, the office is comfortable, the adjustments are effective, they don’t try to rope you into an expensive service package or charge you an exorbitant initial consultation fee, they don’t blow up your phone with nonsense marketing messages, and the recommendations are spot-on. …and the whole side hustle that Dr. L is also a successful children’s author is absolutely charming.

I’d recommend Peak Performance Chiropractic to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor in the Capital Region. Dr. Harrod & Dr. Luper are excellent people and exceptional practitioners.

- Keila D.

Overall Nice Space

Plenty of parking (important when your back hurts!), clean waiting area (even though I didn't have to wait), and an overall nice space to help calm any nerves. The spray they use to clean the tables smells wonderful and fresh, like a spa.

- Katrina S.

So Pleased

I was so pleased with my first appointment experience. Dr Luper took the time to understand my issues and calm my nerves. I left feeling markedly better than when I arrived and am very hopeful I will continue to improve and heal.

- Ginny M.

Dr. Luper Did a Very Good Job

Dr. Luper did a very good job of listening to my symptoms, performing his assessment, and explaining the assessment, potential causes and options in clear understandable terms. He then recommended both a short and long term plan that fit in with my lifestyle. I'm confident he will help me get to the root cause of my symptoms and if he cannot resolve, then he will provide my help and guidance on how to pursue further treatment.

- John S.

I Was Very Impressed

Your website was the best in describing what I was looking for in a new chiropractor. You did not disappoint! I was very impressed with both Drs. Eric & Ethan, as well as with Susan at the front desk. Looking forward to a long (& discomfort-free) relationship!

- Anonymous

Amazing Doctor and Staff

I have suffered from lower, upper back, neck, and shoulder pain for years. I actually went to a different chiropractor back in the early 80's for many years. It wasn't until I went to Dr. Luper who was suggested by a close friend that I finally felt like I was getting the relief that I always hoped for. My first visit was amazing. Dr. Luper listened, asked questions and developed a plan to get me back to normal living. Before Peak Performance Chiropractic, I suffered from Headaches and Vertigo.. After just a few appointments, I feel like a new woman. Peak Performance Chiropractic is a wonderful place with an amazing Dr and amazing staff as well. Everyone there cares and the staff is wonderful. I highly recommend Peak Performance Chiropractic!!!!

- Maragret B.

Very Grateful

Very thrilled to have been connected to the practice- such a good experience, and everyone is great all around. Soundly confident that my back and neck will be human again soon! Thank you so much- very grateful.

- Eric H.

I Am so Thankful and Also Very Fortunate

Dr. Luper was incredible. His professionalism and honest assessment in taking his time to talk to me and explain what was needed to be done were incredible. I am so thankful and also very fortunate to have found him to assist me. Thank you, Dr. Luper.

- Martin O.

My Back Felt Instantly Relieved

I was having severe pain in my pelvis area for about a month. I decided to finally see a chiropractor. My son is a patient at Peak Performance Chiropractic and has been telling me to check them out so I finally went on Friday and I’m so happy that I did! Dr Harrod and Dr Luper were amazing! They both explained everything before any type of procedure was done. My back felt instantly relieved after Dr Luper adjusted me. Can’t wait to go back! I highly recommend this practice to anyone who has been contemplating seeing a chiropractor!

- Suzanne K.

Much Appreciated

This was my first visit ever to a chiropractor and I just didn't know what to expect. I am extremely happy I took the leap, Dr. Harrod was and is a great guy and easy to talk to, I expressed my thoughts and concerns and he is taking good care of me. Much appreciated!!!

- James N.

Absolutely Excellent

Dr. Harrod was absolutely excellent. He was incredibly attentive on my first phone call seeking an appointment and was consistent upon my first visit. I feel very confident I am in good hands and will get relief from my pain.

- Christine R.

So Thankful To Have Found Someone Who Can Help My Debilitating Headaches

Not only do I have some immediate relief with head pain, the nausea and indigestion I've been experiencing was gone by the time I sat in my car.

-Kathleen R.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional

I was very impressed with Dr. Luper and how well he listened to what I was going through and then explaining his methods to treat my pain. He took his time and made me feel very comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

-Michelle D.


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