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Meet Dr. Eric Luper

Dr Eric photoDiscovering Chiropractic

“My father spent half my childhood laid up,” says Dr. Luper. “He had neck and lower back trouble and sought every form of care available. I remember all sorts of traction devices and braces around the house. I also remember the medicine bottles and the grueling experience of several surgeries. None of it worked… until he saw a chiropractor.”

Dr. Luper knew that chiropractic would never rebuild his father’s degenerative discs and bones. He knew it would never replace what the surgeons cut out. However, he learned how powerful this less-invasive, gentle form of care could be. And how it could allow his father to do the things he loved again.

Dr. Luper began his education at Rutgers University where received his bachelor’s degree and studied the basic sciences. Then, he attended Northeast College of Health Sciences where he earned his doctorate as a chiropractor.

Communication is Key

After graduating as president of his class, Dr. Luper practiced in a large office alongside medical doctors and physical therapists in the treatment of professional athletes, entertainers, and people of all ages. Within a few years, Dr. Luper relocated to the Albany area where opened Peak Performance Chiropractic.

“I love teaching,” says Dr. Luper. “Even patients who have been lifelong chiropractic patients tell me they learn something on every visit. I make it a point to explain things, answer questions, and communicate. It’s an important part of the healing process.”


On a Personal Note

Dr. Luper and his wife, Elaine, have two children, Ethan and Lily. When he is not working, Dr. Luper can be found spending time with his family in Lake George, traveling with friends, making something in his metal forge, or writing his next children’s novel. Go ahead and look him up on Amazon!

Dr. Luper works hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle, inclusive of diet, exercise and regular chiropractic care.

Get Started Today

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health needs. Contact our office so we can begin to explore your options together.

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