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Straightening Things Out - Do I Need Orthotics?

footlevelers-2Your Foundation

People often ask why we assess patients for orthotics in our office. Just like a house, if the foundation is off balance the whole structure could have problems.

Our assessment of your feet is in the interest of detecting postural abnormalities that might slow or halt your progress. The digital 3-D scanner we use analyzes how your feet interact with the ground and prints out an easy-to-understand report. It can also make certain inferences about your stance that might lead to problems in the back, neck, or elsewhere.

A Solution

If your problems are severe, we will refer you to a specialist. If your issues are more simple in nature, we can address your issue right here in our office. In fact, some insurances (including the NYS Empire Plan) cover orthotics entirely!

If you are interested in an assessment of your arches (there are three of them), please let us know and we will schedule a consultation at no charge to you. It’s best if we do this before the end of 2016. If insurance covers your orthotics, you may be entitled to a pair for each calendar year!footlevelers-1

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