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Straightening Things Out - Muscle Stimulation

Our Treatment Area

Our Treatment Area

To Stim or Not to Stim?

Some patients have expressed that they do not feel as though the muscle stimulation (EMS) and heat we do in the office do much to help their condition. They just want to come in for an adjustment and go.

The purpose of EMS and heat is to relax spasmed musculature and to prepare the spine for their chiropractic adjustment. Most newer (acute) conditions respond nicely to EMS. However, as care progresses EMS and heat may become less necessary.

We often do therapies in later stages of care as a courtesy because many patients find it relaxing, but it is not always required. Please let us know if you’d prefer an adjustment only. Dr. Luper or Dr. White can determine your need for EMS and heat and explain to you why they feel it is a good idea with your condition… or we can skip it altogether.

Remember, we are here to serve you within the confines of what is best for your particular condition. If there is some way we can improve our service to you, please let us know!

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